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Resources for Providers of Supervised Toothbrushing Programmes

This section provides some example resources to help with the setting up, establishing and the continued running of the toothbrushing club including some resources to support the oral health messages being delivered in the setting.​ We acknowledge that different settings have different contexts, so this resource provides guidance and examples, which can be adapted to different settings. Please feel free to download the resources below and adapt them to meet your needs.

The Department of Education has also provided guidance for promoting oral health as part of the early years foundation stage (EYFS).

Resources for training

Resources for setting up

  • Thank you to the Healthy Smile team of Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust for the use of the Brilliant Brushers resource. Special thanks to Jill Allbutt and Vicky Massey from NHS England. 

  • Thank you to the Big Brush Club for the use of the link to their website. Special thanks to Clare Foster, Project Manager.

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